The looming crisis

The Corporate Media in this country is shielding the American people from knowledge of the looming crisis in the Euro Zone. We must NOT SEE, else we might begin to understand that the state of our economy is NOT the fault of President Obama.

The European monetary union is on the verge of collapse. In the wake of 2008’s global financial crisis, several countries on the Euro have amassed crushing debt burdens and seen their economies stall or buckle. And now the severity of their problems, combined with political paralysis in the union’s more stable countries, threatens to bring the whole system down.

If that happens — and many analysts say its a question of when, not if — it will plunge all of Europe into financial crisis. But that will have far reaching consequences around the globe, including in the United States, and it hasn’t widely sunk in that it could break our meager recovery and weigh heavily on Presidential politics next year.

Here’s some great insight into the mess…

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