Millionaire regulator- Mary Shapiro strikes again!

Shapiro & Geitner

Shapiro & Geitner

Wasting taxpayer dollars-

SEC Chairman, millionaire Mary Schapiro who was paid $9,000,000.00 upon leaving her post as the head of FINRA, tapped Hu to help launch the new unit, designed to serve as the agency “think tank,” to look ahead at the fast-changing landscape of trading and financial instruments.

In an unusual move, first reported by Reuters in May, the SEC decided to offer him a compensation package that designated his hometown of Austin, Texas, as his “duty station, making him eligible to receive $120,000 to cover housing, meals and airfare through his tenure, in addition to $314,198.26 for his salary.

I guess when you have all that money, you really don’t get what the real world is like.

Why did President Obama hire this person to head the SEC?

Write him a note. Demand she be fired. This is absurd.

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